Toronto Christmas Market

Made the big treck to Toronto on saturday to visit this place101_0059

Its in the old distillery district on front st.


Went with these two lovely, camera shy ladies…Tiina I went to school in Toronto with and Chrissy who I work with and do a lot of travelling to New York City with.

They would not let me take their picture no matter how hard I tried.



There was a ferris wheel, carousel. and Santa Lane for the kiddies.


So many beautiful arrangements.





Nope still not gonna let it happen.


All in all it was a pretty good day out.  They have it every year around Christmas time..Lots of great food and some interesting shopping was to be had.

Cheers till next time, Frances


Niagara On the Lake Christmas House tour

I went to Niagara on the Lake for a Christmas house tour this friday. I thought I would post some of the pictures.

We where not allowed to take pictures of the inside which kind of sucked as that is the best part.

Oh well the tour was fun..Had a great lunch and then left for the states and another tour..will post those pictures later.

niagara on the lake house tour 174

wilson house tour 199

wilson house tour 184

wilson house tour 179

The homes and decorations where spectacular.

wilson house tour 197

Till next time…Cheers Frances

Pottery Barn Christmas

Pottery Barn’s Christmas catalogue is out and I just love it…as usual.




Perfection in my book. I would love this for my home.ImageImageHere is my favorite item…a chalk board  I have been wondering all weekend how I can do this myself.


Probably time for me to change my bed into its winter  linens.  Not as pretty as these but…I love them alll the same. There is something to be said for flannel in the winter.

Oh who am I kidding I wear my flannel PJ’s all summer long…except on really hot days.


ImageWell till next time. Cheers Frances




My youngest daughter Jaclyn just posted this picture on facebook and I felt the need to share.
She has been working at landscaping for a few years now.
This year she is with a really big company known for the outstanding design and they are teaching her alot.
This urn looks just perfect…time to hire her to do mine from now on…
Till next time, cheers Frances

Oh Joy Oh Bliss

I don’t know for sure but I am hoping this works…I have managed to move my blog from Blogger to Word Press…I had missed blogging.

I found that when I was told I had no more room and could not post anymore…I was crazy wanting to post..isn’t that just the way.

I had to change the name a little francesthislehouse..and didn’t realise it would be all one word…yeah like they just invented spaces…ok ok nothing is perfect.

Anyway I hope I can get it all figured out and then I can post till my little heart is content.


Cheers, Till next time Frances

My last post

Well it turns out I have used up all my storage space on my blog and paying monthly for it…and never making any money is not in the cards…I may start another blog I dont know but its been mildly ammusing while it lasted Cheers Frances