The Louvre and a goodbye to Paris

This published without the text so that is why I am redoing it.
I have to agree with the haters this pyramid is not ugly…just not fitting for such a beautiful old building.
And in comparison to the whole building very small in the center. Makes no sense to me but….well no one asked me or I could of told them haha.

This arch is directly in front of the Louvre 

And here she is. I know there are better pictures of the Mona Lisa out there…but you can’t get one at the Louvre. After all the talk about how small it was I was expecting a mini print. But was pleasantly surprised that it was quite a bit bigger than I had imagined. Now compared to the other art in the room it is small.
But really how do you be disappointed in her?  It wasn’t as crowded as many have said when I was there. Lucky me.

 The Winged Victory of Samothrace  

a little lady they call Venus 

don’t ask what she is thinking but I’m sure you can probably imagine…..

There is a park the is between the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.  

she is everywhere..and I could not help but smile every time I caught a glimpse of her.

the airport guy…Charles De Gaulle 

You have to take a tunnel to actually get near the Arch as the traffic is as bad as they say…its in the middle of a big round about and just never stops….ever.

one last look out the window and in no time it was time to leave 

Paris is definitely something to see.  The pace the people, who where all very friendly to mandy and I. The lack of french skills on our part and the lack on english on theirs…everyone seemed to like to talk to us in english, almost like they where practicing just as we would with our french.
It is more expensive than I could of imagined but worth the money…although any longer and I would of had to take out a mortgage on my house..I can’t wait to go back to france and see the country side next time..and I will be taking a pocket translator and maybe learn a little french before I go.

Until next time
Cheers Frances


One thought on “The Louvre and a goodbye to Paris

  1. Hi Frances. Thanks so much for stopping by! Your comment about the baguettes – 5 in 48 hours had me cracking up. We just couldn't get enough of them. You can imagine how many our family of 6 went through! Paris is beautiful! Dying to go back too!

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