La Seine

As we wandered from the Eiffel Tower to the river Seine there was a tour boat…shuttle service that in the end I found to be our best chance at seeing all that we wanted in Paris, without the need for taxis for the metro. For 18 euros for 2 days all the trips we wanted was just right up our alley.
 The one guide on the boat spoke pretty good english and spanish too and told us much about the sights we where seeing.

All the bridges are very ornate

This one had faces carved on each corbel

Notre Dame

This is the Grand Palais  it is so big and beautiful..I did end up walking right past it you would think I would get a better picture but alas ,,,,Photography is not my strong suite 

I did google the image this is better than mine would be was beautiful

After a hard day and a afternoon nap we headed out for dinner…after dinner we stopped at the Officers Club for a little nitecap.
Oh did I mention our hotel was across the street from a military officers club? No well let me tell you one thing about Paris….
All the good looking french men are in Paris…I guess they don’t let them leave…haha
Oh and all in uniform too..I thought Mandy was gonna have a kitten.
I would of taken some pictures of them but the french frown upon our western intrusive culture…too bad they would of been good..
Till next time….when I will continue my Paris adventure
Cheers Frances


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