Another flight

In my whole entire life I have never been on this many flights, 6, in only 11 days…but too soon it was time to leave Wales and go back to scotland to pick up this little girl

 Get on another one of these…although this is not the plane I took it was and Easy Jet flight this time but I forgot to take a picture…and we where off to the airport again, didn’t I just arrive here less than 12 hrs ago?

 And arrived at a little airport I like to call TOTAL CHAOS  but the french prefer to call it
Charles De Gaulle. This is the busiest? I don’t know but it sure is the most  chaotic airport I have ever seen. They practically let you out on the runway and it’s every man for himself…haha not that bad…but close

Came with this little lady to see this other little lady…

 Don’t know what to say about the Eiffel Tower that has not been said before but I was amazed. I loved it. I would of liked to go up but one of the elevators was out and the line up was…well lets just say I would still be waiting.
This is the view from our hotel room was awesome

 Everywhere we walked I would catch a glimpse of her and it just made me smile. I feel the same about the Statue of Liberty… I just love her. Till next time
Cheers Frances


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