Mumbles Wales

Went to Mumbles a couple of times…

 Had dinner at a lovely restaurant beside the water with this group..Met my nephew that I havn’t seen him since 1988. Too long..Long story not worth telling anymore..
He is a lovely boy and was most gracious too me.

Here is the main street…or at least one of them..The shops are not in just one area but seem to be in the whole town. It is very much a summer town.

 Oystermouth Castle…tried to go in but they are fixing it up for the summer so just got yelled at in Welsh I might add..haha don’t know what they said but we made a run for it anyway..

 Such a beachy florida colour in Wales.

Oh to have acess to fresh caught fish like this…now this is the life..One of the many things I miss about living near the ocean.

This castle is for sale..don’t know how much but we bought a Euro Millions ticket just in case we wanted to purchase it..haha didn’t win, obviously

You can rent these cute little cottages by the sea, that would be fun for sure.

Had to check out the Post Office of course…happy to report all my postcards made it in record time…Way to go  Post Office.

This is Catherine Zeta Jones’s house this is about as close as we could get and not get arrested..didn’t see her though…oh well maybe next time

Well Till next time.
Cheers Frances


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