Wales U.K.

 After a few days I was off to Port Talbot in the south of Wales to see these two lovely ladies. My niece Margaret and my great niece Chantelle.

And to meet this lovely little one, Sophia who made a grand entrance just a few weeks before..she is my great great niece, and so far that is true she is great.
Did you know that in south Wales there are palm trees? Me either..was so weird to see. I had to get my niece to stop the car so I could take a pic.

 They live in a small community on a hill right beside the water..Baglan..
This is her street and the church rings it’s bells every 15 min..I loved listening for them.

 Here is the beach 2 min down the road. The tide was out and the sea shells where plentiful..grabbed me a handful.

I saw many house’s with the thatched roofs and wish now I had taken some pictures…too busy havning fun instead. Here is one that is in Wales I got off the internet. They are something to see especially close up.
This is Chantelles’s neighbours yard..I just thought the post’s with the rope looked cute. The block fence between the two properties are pretty much all over the place.  That and brick work. Bricks must be cheaper in the U.K. as they are everywhere.


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