Day two the west end of Glasgow

First off ….these bird…magpies…they are huge and I don’t remember ever seeing them anywhere else. They are everywhere. And so beautiful too

This is the University  of Glasgow

I was going to go in to the art gallery but there was a fire alarm and I could not go.

Here is the Sally Anne store where my niece works..It is a famous location and Colin and Justin come here often. I find the British esthetic  does not translate to my style…but the clothing was just amazing..and I usually never like the clothing at a charity shop. There was a set of dishes I would of loved but how do you bring that back on the plane.. I already had 50lbs of chocolate to bring back haha..

Here is Mandy working at her desk…She put me to work hanging up the clothes on the racks…that is how I got so see the clothing..I don’t really have much patience for looking…even at Winners or TJ Max.

 Mandy is a fun loving girl.  Haha I wont tell you the pose she did before this one but it included her hand near someones derrier..haha wish I had snapped the camera sooner.

Well that was my day in the west end…Had an awesome full english..wish now I had taken more pictures..
oh well
Till next time, Cheers Frances


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