My Trip Home

I just got back from my trip to Scotland yesterday. Except for the killer jet lag I am glad to be home….although I will admit that I did not miss home when I was away. Being able to text my kids when I wanted to really helped me not feel anxious about being away.
Here is a pic of the lounge at Toronto Pearson…everyone looked bored . It is an overnight flight and some times those red eyes can be killer.
I luckly managed to sleep a lot of the 7 hours it took to arrive in Glasgow.

 This is the reason I came ….my niece Mandy who I havn’t seen in 8 1/2 years..I didnt realize it had been that long…that is what I like about can keep up with family that is so far away.

Mandy and her youngest son Dean…Martin I might relation to the famous one..haha

I had to add this pic…this price transaltes to$ 2.22 a liter for gas…that is just outrageous if you ask me. I dont know how they can afford to drive in the U.K.

One of the things on my list to do was the mussel shop.  I have been going to it since I was a kid and love mussels.

I had the large plate and they are as awesome as I remember..You can get them in Canada too but it is not the same. One of the many happy memories of my childhood.
Come back for part two…
Till next time, Cheers Frances


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