Sutton House Tour

Now I know that for most people a subdivision is just a normal thing to see in their town..But I live in a very small town north of Toronto. I live here for many reasons…one being the lake and the other being that this is the country. Now admittedly I live in town now…if you can call Jackson’s Point a town more like a hamlet. One block from Lake Simcoe with farmland all around.So when they said they where going to build a subdivision here like the ones in bigger urban centers..I kind of thought,,,ah yeah I don’t think so. But since I have no say in matters such as this they went ahead…after many years of delay and started one not 5 min. from my house.
So today being saturday and them having the grand opening of their model homes…I conned,,ahem I  mean asked these 2 to come along as I had heard there was hot dogs…now what teenage boys could resist that.

 It kind of freaks me out that they are as built up as they are but no different than any other subdivision…Funny but when I lived in Toronto on my 16 foot wide lot I thought these lots where enormous..haha.

 At first the boy and his friend where only interested in their phones and hand held gadgets…typical.

 This is the first model…there are only 2.  I think this would be like an office or something like that as it was right at the front door.

 I quite liked the kitchen..that had an eat in area.

 And I absolutely love this was very impressive. love the stove too.

 In the basement there was a fully contained apartment…now this it where it got interesting.

 This is the boy telling me that he wants me to buy this house and he can live in the basement. haha fat chance.

 Yep they both had plans to live here..this is the small kitchen. I have to admit that I liked the basement like this too.

 This is the kitchen in the second house. I did not like it at all..I just dont like wood cupboards…I am a white girl all the way. The last 4 kitchens or so that I have put in have all been white.

 And except for these pictures above this bed I really didn’t like any of this house..

They had a food station set up in the garage and after we where done we went to check it out.
I could not believe they had it catered.I wish I had got the name of the company or some pictures of the food. Hamburgers,,,that where awesome..sausage on a bun and chicken on a stick…all the salade you can eat and fresh fruit. It was truly awesome..
And even though I don’t like the idea of this in my is far enough away from my house and from the lake to not be a big problem for me.
Just as long as they don’t build the whole town up like this…cause if they do I am outta here.
No worries for a while yet as two girls showed up at the Tim Hortons on friday nite on their horses…
It is after all just a small town by the lake.
Till next time, Frances


One thought on “Sutton House Tour

  1. Looks nice, I said out loud "I love that backsplash" before I read your caption LOL. I like the header on the blog, very cool. Oh an it's me Rocky, but Adam's blog thing was on the comment thing and I couldnt log out. Love you

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