Bed and Breakfast dream

When I was young I watched this show all the time. Its was hilarious and I really like Bob Newhart’s dry sense of  humour.

Whil chaos abounded all around him he always kept his wit and humour..

I always thought that running a Inn or Bed and Breakfast would be petty awesome idea.

Here is a picture of the Inn used for the show…they probably didn’t film there but you always got a shot of the outside. It is the Wayberry Inn in Vermont.
The other day I was looking at our local paper and saw an advert for a b&b apparently for sale in my area.
Well I just fell in love…

And have I have to own it…I just love it.

sorry the pictures are so small you can go on the website and see them bigger.

I have a million ideas but sadly no money..I did get a lottery ticket last nite hoping I would win..haha you never know
I have redecorated every room in my head already…
Would be awesome…but its nice to dream as well..

If I win the lottery I will let y’all know asap….after I see my real estate agent…and its only 449,000.00 which sounds like a lot but for what it is not really.
I could have  chickens there.
And my combination tea room and antique store.
And weddings oh that would be great.
K enough I am off to check those tickets..
Till next time,
Cheers Frances


6 thoughts on “Bed and Breakfast dream

  1. I love visiting B&B's. I've heard that it's alot of work to run one. You really have to be devoted to it in order for it to be successful. The one you showed in your pictures looks very pretty. I remember watching that Newhart show too and liking it. I guess we're dating ourselves! Ha! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too.

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