My son’s school woodworking project

My youngest son Aidan took woodworking and metal shop this semester in high school…Here is a plane he made in metal…he also made a weathervane but has not brought it home yet..
Here is a little table he made in woodshop
it is closed but when you open it you have a table and some where to put your drink
And here is the chair he made
I ‘ts an awesome Muskoka Chair ….I just love it…one problem….he wants it for himself….crap…..
Anyhow I figured out that he can make me one…or two for mothers day…now wouldn’t that be nice

Along with one of these tables he made….yes my own little builder of things…between him and Jay I am gonna be in woodworkers heaven…I got a million projects that they can make…And that makes me so happy.

Something kinda like this over my garage door would be nice….I am off to dream up some more projects for them both
Till next time Cheers Frances


2 thoughts on “My son’s school woodworking project

  1. I really like that garage! And look at my little brother go! Phil was always good at building things too. I remember making Aidan a little wooden music box in shop class and I think I made him something else. Didnt Phil make a stool or something?

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