Outside at Christmas

I thought I should post some pictures from outside at Christmas .

 Here is my window box. I wrapped it in red ribbon and attached a bow. I saw this all over blog land and I actually like it. I was thinking I could leave it up till after valentines..and then change it to something for easter and then spring awesome…we will see how that goes.

 I bought a ton of candles at Ikea when they where on for a buck…wish I had gotten even more, I put some lanterns in the middle of my window boxes. I think it looks pretty good. I really wanted to use real wreaths this year. They sell them all over the place for 10 dollars. But when I went to get some it turned out they where small and ugly so I just stuck with what I had.

 I added a few birch branches to my urns.. that is a first for me. They look pretty good.

this is just my other window box. Same as the other one.We haven’t had any snow to speak of.  Hard to get in the spirit. Hopefully soon…but not on Christmas day as my Daughter and her family are coming home for christmas and I would rather them safe than trying to drive 2 hrs in the snow.

I just had to show this picture I took outside Sak’s 5th Ave on Tuesday morning at 10 am. I finally asked the woman officer if they where maybe guarding someone important. She said oh no we are just here to help you feel safe.
Now I don’t know about you but a swat team with machine guns (yes they are carrying machine guns) Outside a department store is just not doing it for me..I was actually scared shitless. My friend didn’t even want me to take a picture in case we got in trouble.. Weird eh? and only in New York City.. well till next time Frances


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