Christmas 2011 The Beginning day 1

I have decided that this year I am going to go over the top when it comes to christmas decorating.. I know I do every year …but this year is going to be different. Seriously

 I want to keep a log on my blog as to what I do so next year I will remember what worked and what didn’t and not have to rely on my memory.
Also it will help me get my a** off the couch as I have become somewhat of a couch potatoe these days.
For the first year in a very long time I am almost fully booked up pretty much every weekend till Christmas so I thought well I am doing enough I really should be blogging about it. Above is one of the lanterns I have on the side of my house outside my triple french doors….I have them filled with blue stones and seashells for summer…

 Last nite on the way home from Toronto I stopped at Ikea and picked up a few of these beautys..19.99 I mean seriously how much cheaper do you want them? (yes I know I am not allowed to buy any more lanterns due to my addiction but come on.)
Anyhow  I knew they would be perfect for switching out with the old black ones for the winter.

And here you I realize its only a small change but its a start on my Christmas decorating. I did buy to big red candles for them but I put my solar lights in them instead that way they are lit every nite and not just when I can be bothered to go light them…Anyway candles do not fare too well on this side of the house.
The ones I used in the summer literally melted all over my wood deck and have made a right mess.
Anyway that’s about it for today, it is so beautiful out I am trying to get some things done before dark with my extra hour..
There are 48 days left till Christmas and I want to be prepared  this is a good first if small step
Till next time, Frances


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2011 The Beginning day 1

  1. This is a great idea to document everything here. Maybe we should start one of those blog challenges where you link with everyone to show of your crafting/decorating skills. When we took the dogs for a walk in the forest yesterday we started collecting pinecones so the kids can make glitter ornaments out of them. I like the lanterns, the red really pops!

  2. Yes I should post a challenge to you Rocky your my only real follower anyway way haha. So then I want you to document your decorating too. You do such a good job it would be worth watching. just like you did with your holiday made me feel like I was there with you Love you

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