I couldn’t let today pass without saying something..I could talk about the lives lost….so many…about the firemen and police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice just doing there job…The many theory’s about what really happened that day….Who did it  what really happened?
All the changes in my life…some small some big that are a direct result of it all..
But  I guess being the eternal optomist that I am I just want to think about hope…for the future. I want my kids and grandkids and there kids to live in a world that is safer than it seems to be right now…I don’t know exactly how we achieve that…but I think if we all just concentrate on raising good children who grow up to be caring adults , who value life it would be  a good start.
If I had one wish I would wish that this never happened..
I hope God will look out for each and everyone of us on this 10th anniversary and keep us all safe.
Till next time  Frances

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