Pollards Auction Barn

I Went to Pollards Auction Barn on Labour Day Monday.  They save all their good stuff for the long weekends. The next one will be Thanksgiving.

 Here’s the barn, its on Kennedy Rd in Keswick Ont.   I have been going there since 1983.  Man am I old.

 Here is a shot of Danny Pollard..you Can’t really see him that well. He is just under the light.  Danny took over from his Dad who sadly passed away a few years ago.

 I love going to the auction and today I had a mission.

Managed to get these canning jars for $2 each.  And they are the blue ones I have been looking everywhere for.

 But here is my real prize.. I have been trying to replace a sail boat I had bought at Restoration Hardware a few years ago,,,that I had given as a gift…but had never been able to find another one I liked as much till now.
Now Danny says this is a replica of the BlueNose but I am not so sure of that..I love it anyway and It was only $100  kind of high but I know they are few and far between in my neck of the woods…so I am happy..

 Don’t know where I am gonna put it yet but I will figure it out.
A month or so ago I was at the auction and they had an Ikea sofa with a very ugly red cover…but underneath It was in perfect shape…I had a cover for an Ikea sofa that did not fit my couch…so for $65 I got the sofa and it also came with a second cover that is white and beige check….it is perfect …so now I have a all white sofa…It has been 6 weeks or so and I have not had to wash it yet so that is good.

Just have to find the right spot to put my boat….
Till next time   Frances
Here’s a link to Pollards if your interested  http://www.pollardsauctions.com/


3 thoughts on “Pollards Auction Barn

  1. I miss going to the auction. I still remember how hard you fought to try and get me a little doll house. Bet you didnt think I would remember that. It's funny the things you remember as a kid the older you get. Love you

  2. Yeah I remember that Rocky I personally go for the brownies…they are awesome even all these years later haha. Theres another auction this wed thurs so i will be there not too many left in this season for sure. Love you too

  3. Well I know EXACTLY where you can put that beautiful boat model — in our beach house.I'm afraid I need that, my dear, so just send it on down ….That auction sounds like it's a blast!(And GREAT score on the IKEA sofa. We could use that, too … I'm just saying…)All the best, and thanks for visiting! — Cass

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