Just a quick update and storm news

We had a terrible storm on wednesday of this week . They say it wasn’t a Tornado but you would not know it from all the damage. 

 This used to be a 50ft evergreen….and now it is just a wall of dirt and roots.  The top part is now in my neighbours lawn instead…not much good horizontal

 This is whats left of the neighbour across the streets tree that landed in my front yard…and took out my internet for 4 days.. I was lucky though lots of homes where damaged but luckily no one was hurt in the storm.

 And here’s an update on my kitchen.  I have this pantry underneath my stairs that I have never been able to figure out how to close in.  Its not all that pretty to look at from the kitchen table.

 So  I bought a curtain rod from the dollar store for 1.25 and put it up. Then I took the rest of my drop cloth that I had left over from the dishwasher cover up that I made and had my daughter Jaclyn sew me a hem for the top.

 The pictures don’t do it justice but it actually looks a lot better now…

I have a new project coming up…that involves a post, a stake, a hook and a hose so stay tuned I hope to have it done by next weekend…I just need my daughters boyfriend to help me.  Till next time Frances


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