just some updates and a few purchases of mine

My son bought me this lamp a few years ago for christmas. I had it in my bedroom when my furniture was all very traditional.  It fit in well. But I just happened to stop in at the Stretch Thrift Store…where by the way I NEVER seem to find anything good. (makes me wonder why I keep going). Anyhow for one whole dollar I managed to pick up a new shade.

The picture makes it look crooked but its not. I just love it and for a dollar who can complain. I am wondering if I should paint the base of the lamp or just leave it as is. What do you think?

 I was also across the boarder in Wilson NY last weekend and picked up some stuff from HomeGoods.  I love it there. I know HomeSense is owned by the same company but the selection and prices are sooooo much better stateside. This little lamp was cute..kind of kitchy but I like it and it was only 20 dollars.

 I loved this beach sign and it is perfect on this wall because it does in fact….point to the beach.

 This sailboar I acutally picked up in Jacksons Point at Apples of Gold. Sometimes I find the most interesting stuff there.

I needed to put back the summer in my living room and I realised the top of my armoire needed some work. The glass vase with the starfish looked good…..but

 I think the lantern and some beachy embellishments on the basketts looked good.

 Still a little sparce so I added the star. I may put the star on a box so that it will sit higher. And I need to find something to put in my lantern..something blue I think,,,maybe a candle I dont know yet. No big rush, not like its like summer around here anyway with all the rain. I cant even cut my grass and the outside looks awful.

Moved my white wicker chair back in…not sure I will use the white slipcover again this year.  I have been contemplating buying a new couch..but we will see about that. Anyway as always its a process that never seems to have an ending…Hopefully tomorrow I can get my sunroom put in order as I hear Saturday is going to be a beautiful day….Yes hopefully lots of garage sailing in my future….Till Next Time, Frances


3 thoughts on “just some updates and a few purchases of mine

  1. Thanks Jo Jo My couch is not slipcovered although it looks like it is.. it is denim but is very faded..I got it at Sears a few years ago. I have a new post ready to go about my new couch Iktorp If you want to come back and read it..I just have to get around to writing it…haha I purchased the wicker chair at Pollards auction barn last year and I love it too. Do you ever go there? Frances

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