My Office area

Yes it was a year ago feb that I started my office room. Before that it was just a catch all for junk but since it is on the first floor of my house and open to other rooms I knew I had to do something with it. The Ikea bookcase is the best thing I have bought so far. I love it. But as you can see it was a tad messy to say the least

I would love to be the kind of person that can do both form and function. but alas that is just not me. So I organized everything I need and tried my best to make it look good while still having it work for me.

The walls are just white primer, I really have to get this room painted soon.

Here is my bulletin board that I made with some hellp from a friend.  I was at Ikea and they had a metal board for writing on.  So I just took a piece of plywood and tripled the size of the 1 board. The middle piece I upholstered with some material (crap I have little shells to put on there to make it look better) oh well next post. and the last third I put some cork. I took everything off it so you could see how it looked. Normall it is full of all kinds of things. It is on the wall right beside my desk so it is easy to glance at should I need too.

 I sitll need a chair for my desk. I was using my white wicker chair but it is really not very good as a desk chair. Hopefully I will find one soon.

And here is a sneak peek at my sunroom..Yikkess what a mess. I have a tendency to just store stuff here all winter as it is out of the way.  This is it actuallly cleaned up a bit. I did have my christmas tree in here but moved it to the garage finally.

 I am only posting these pictures in the hopes that it will shame me to actually get it all put together. This is the may 24 weekend so I will probablly get around to it since I will not be in New York City this year. I went twice last year and even though I have gone every year for I don’t know how many on may 24 this year I thought it would be fun to stay home…..It’s not even the weekend and I am already bored. What do people do on long weekends at home….. Well I am about to find out….stay tuned…haha  

Till Next Time,  Frances


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