Kitchen Cover Up

Here is the space in my Kitchen where the dishwasher should be.  Because this is a house we intend to flip (eventually) I never installed a dishwasher. I keep my garbage can and recycling bins here. It is very ugly and ruins the look of the kitchen.

I went to the hardware store and I picked up this curtain rod for 4 bucks…pretty cheap.

 Perfect and so simple.

 I had previously purchased a canvas drop cloth to use for…something I wasn’t quite sure yet what..but I cut a piece 1 1/2 the width of the opening.. I just hung the cloth over the rod for now..till I can get my daughter to sew it for me..I have no talent in that direction sadly.

It turned out pretty awesome I think…at least I dont have to look at the garbage cans any longer..

Till next time…Frances


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