Photo Gallery of my kids

I was shopping at the Superstore the other day and found these picture frames on sale for 8.94 each.
They  are quite large 11X14

 I have always wanted to do a gallery wall of pictures of my kids so I thought this would look good at a price that I could afford.
I went to the Zehrs and had a few pictures enlarged to 8X10. They are pretty much my favorite pictures of each of my kids.  It was quite cheap…13 dollars for 4 of them not too shabby.

 The first one is of my oldest daughter Rox-Anne.. She turned 30 this year.. This picture is from a few years ago when we went out on my friends old wood boat for the day.. Rox-Anne is channeling her inner Jackie O..haha.

 This is my oldest son Phil he is 28. This is all of our favorite picture of Phil…He is 14  maybe 15 here. I always wonder what he is thinking here..haha best not to know I suppose.

 This  picture is my youngest daughter Jaclyn she is 24.  This picture is a few years old. My son Phil’s girlfriend Krystal took this picture..she is a professional photographer and does an awesome job..I am hoping to eventually get her to take pictures of all my kids and grandkids…She takes our yearly family portrait that I started this blog with. I will get my daughter Rox-Anne to put a link on here to her blog and website…cause I have no clue how to do that…This is a favorite one of Jaclyn.

 This one is my baby boy Aidan..He is about 2 maybe 3 here….He is almost 16 now.  He picked this picture himself he likes the thumbs up sign…It is a cutie as is he…

 Here they all are lined up on the floor as I have to put wire on the frames to hang them. And I was thinking how am I ever gonna get them to all line up…okay good luck with that.  I also havn’t figured our where I want to hang them …I will think about that tomorrow as the sun has gone down,  I hope they line up even…I can already tell its gonna be fun  not!!!!!
I must admit I sure do have a good looking bunch of kids…..Till next time  Frances


2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery of my kids

  1. What a cool idea, and not bad price at all! I should check here and see if they have anymore. I've never seen that picture of me! Your right about the pic of Phil, everyone has that one. Jaclyn always looks good, its those bright blue eyes that do it! And the pic of Aidan, I actually remember taking that one of him. I have a few more from that day too! It's funny, I just went through my pictures and pulled out everyones to give to them. I figure everyone should have their pictures, dont know how I ended up with so many anyways! xoxo

  2. Ah I know how you got told me you took them cause you where sure I was gonna lose them in one of my many moves haha. I just have to figure out where to hang these pictures they are so big 20×28 or something I thought they where smaller than that but they look awesome..

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