Pottery Barn egg knock off

Have you seen these eggs from Pottery Barn?


I bought these eggs at  dollarama 5/1.00
And my friend Chrissy had these stamps from her scrapbooking days. I painted the eggs with a soft ivory folk art paint I bought from Michaels (which by the way was no easy task) the painting not the buying…that was no problem haha. and put black ribbon hangers instead of the blue. 
I had the yellow flowers so I put them in a flower bin with some newspaper to keep them steady.

I think they turned out not too bad don’t you?

I will say that it was not easy to get them to face the front. I hung them on the branches and then stamped them.
It didnt turn out to be as easy as I thought it would be but a cute project just the same.
I have them in my front mud room so you can see them when you come in the door.
I am so glad easter is so late this year as if gives me time to do all kinds of projects I would not do if it where at the end of march.
Hope you like them
for now have a good day

4 thoughts on “Pottery Barn egg knock off

  1. They look great and I love the new blog format and colours. A lot of bloggers are doing Pottery Barn knockoffs. I like the idea of filling the tin with newspaper. I was at Michaels the other day and thought about picking up a few stems of forsynthia (each stem is 6.99 and they are half off right now) but I couldnt think of what to put in my tin to hold them upright! Love you

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