Sewing Machine Table

I bought this little table a couple of summers ago at a garage sale..I have always wanted one with a old iron sewing machine base like this.
The top was so ugly I have been on the lookout for a new one ever since.
I found this old bread board in one of my favorite stores  Cobblestones in Baldwin  and knew it was just what I was looking for
Off with the old top…and on with the new
I think it looks just perfect now…just need some new things to put on top.
These are my new rain boots I bought from Giant Tiger.  Scottie dogs naturally.
Then I thought well I don’t really want to wear them at work and in the Garden they will get too dirty…

Problem solved. Now I have two pairs   and I love them both….Till next time…when I will have a Easter Place card  al la Pottery Barn Knockoff to show you…have a good one Frances


2 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Table

  1. I only thought to put the rain boots on here because you put yours on your blog rocky. There are so many cool ones these days…and they are comfortable too which I am surprised at. Love you too. Mommy

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