I went with my friend Betty yesterday on a house tour in Beaverton ont. Here are a few pictures that I was allowed to take.

This is the original front doors they are just beautiful.

This sleigh was at the Bed and Breakfast on the tour. It is called Tulip and Thistle..and I only just realised that (haha not too bright am I)

Why I have no pictures of the kitchen I do not know but it was out of this world.

Here’s my lame attempt at a snow village…..these things always look better in person. I am starting to realize that I need a better camera (Ashton you lied about the coolpix it sucks)

back to the tour this is the bedroom in the B&B I dont know why but I just loved this room.

This is the garage at one of the houses. I didn’t take any pictures of inside. It was a small bungalo. When I walked inside I just knew that it would be a perfect place for me..I just loved it. Not too fancy but as homey as it gets.

Anyhow I have not been blogging much I find it too time consuming but I sure do visit a lot of other blogs. I will post my christmas decorating this week. Mostly so I can remember what I did, what worked and what needs work….till next time….Frances


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