My living room and dining room

Here are some pictures of my dining room. When I can find some before images I will post them. The walking wheel I bought at the aution last fall for only 55dollars. It was a steal. I have had the press back chairs for a few years now. And last christmas I found the 7ft. bench at an antique store. I love it and one day I imagine all my grandchildren sitting on it for a big family dinner. I still have to get a new table this one is 5ft. and I need a 8ft one so the bench can be up to the table.
This is the living room side of the the room. I purchased a Ikea slipcover in white that I was sure would fit my couch,but alas when I tried to put it on a few months later(long after the return date) the main part would not fit. I did replace the cushions but I am not sure that it looks okay. Its a 50/50 split. I have left it on for now , but we will see.

Maybe I will get lucky at Ikea one day and they will have the couch in the clearance part. I saw one there before so you never know.

This is what my couch looked like before and It has all but been destroyed by the sun. So in reality it can’t look any worse than this. What do you think? Frances.


2 thoughts on “My living room and dining room

  1. I love that you updated your main picture. You should post more about the deck, it's beautiful. I like the couch with the cushions covered. It's different and makes it look clean and fresh. We are going to Aberfoyle this weekend. You will need to come down one weekend so we can go together. Maybe the second last or last day it's on. I hear that is the best time to go. I'm on the hunt for folding wooden chairs for the porch and more of my tin picnic baskets. Keep posting!!! xoxo

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