Before and After

Okay I know I said in my last post I never have a before and after just a before and during, well this is what happens when I open my big mouth. I was doing some planting in the garden and here are a few things I came up with. This old stump is left over from some old trees I had taken down when I first moved in. I had a friend come over and cut out the middle of the stump, filled it with dirt and planted some wave petunias.

Eventually they will cover the whole stump and look like a mound of purple and white (I hope).

See this mound of dirt. It has been in my yard for 2 years now. I have slowly been filling holes in the yard and planting with it. Well I quite suddenly thought I would like to put in a garden. So my friend helped me(and by helped me I mean pretty much did it for me) He built a frame and used a tiller to churn the soil. I was off to the garden center and planted this…..

Hopefully in a few months I will have some tomatoes and brussel sprouts. A weird combination to be sure. But I love them both. Take care, Frances

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