The Auction

Last night I went to Pollard’s Auction Barn. I got a bit carried away, as I tend to do the first couple of times in the new year. I will settle down soon and not spend quite as much.I bought this sign because it looked cute across the room. It’s a little bakery and the stuff in the window is in 3D
This bag or basket depends on how you look at it was the first thing I bid on. I just love it. Everyone was coming up to me later and telling me how much they liked it. I think I will put magazines in it or something like that.
I have always wanted to collect antique wicker , but it has always been too expensive for me. I have had lots of new stuff but it never lasts. This beauty was only 55 dollars. I could not resist.Don’t know where I will put it either , but I will love it forever.
I know I have not been blogging much. I got it into my head that my house had to be done before I show it off. Well that is never gonna happen. I am never really done anything. So instead of a before and after I have decided to try Before and During. And on very special occasions I may do an after. There’s just less pressure that way. And maybe a few more post’s than I have been doing. Take care ,Frances


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