Tavern On The Green N.Y.C.

Today on the news I heard that they are auctioning off all the contents of Tavern On The Green.
How sad to see this beautiful restaurant and landmark in central park, sold at auction.
These are just a few pictures I took last june when Chrissy(my favorite go to nyc girl) and I paid a visit.

It’s hard to see in this picture but they have the most awesome lights in the courtyard .They are just strings of bulbs and they have put old lampshades on them. Like the kind your granny would have. You take two shades and attach them to each other at the widest end and viola you have a truly stunning light in your garden. I hope to copy that some day in my own courtyard (when I get one that is) .

Many years ago when I was living with a very nice gentlemen we took our first trip to new york together.

I made reservations at Tavern a month in advance and still the only seating we could get was 10:30 pm on the saturday.
It was in december and the restaurant was decorated beautifully.
We got all dressed up and I wore heels even. Something I never do. It was a very nice night and I have very fond memories of it.
No matter what the new owners do it will never be the same. I am all for change , but I hate this particular brand of it. Some things should just be, and this is one of them. Some day I will tell you about when they closed the Plaza Hotel, but that is another story.
Goodbye Tavern I will miss you greatly.

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